Attractions in and around Bagan

Photo: Pagodas in Bagan - Bagan's peak time, and Myanmar's architectural peak time, began in 1044 with Bagan King Anawratha's ascension to the throne.

Attractions in and around Bagan

This is the most important pagoda of Bagan. According to lore several relics of the Buddha are conserved inside it: a tooth and a number of bones. Therefore the Shwezigon pagoda is primarily not an archaeological site, but a temple serving religious purposes ... one of the most important pilgrim destinations in Myanmar. The construction of the Shwezigon pagoda was started in the 11th century during the reign of King Anawratha, but was completed only during the reign of his son, King Kyanzittha. The pagoda counts as the first building in a unique Burmese style, while older pagodas had been built in Mon style. Like many other pilgrim destinations in Myanmar Shwezigon pagoda was subject to several additions over the course of the centuries. But contrary to other pagodas, among them Shwedagon pagoda in Yangon, the ancient basic structures were only minimally changed.

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