Attractions in Mandalay

Fort Mandalay

Today the grounds of the ancient royal palace, surrounded by a wall and a ditch, serve the Burmese military as a garrison accommodating about 10,000 soldiers. Visits of the area are only possible with a special permit.

Shwe Nandaw Kyaung Temple Grounds

These temple grounds outside the northwestern corner of the ancient royal palaces are presently the most important attraction in the town of Mandalay. Their prominent structure is a building, which in 1880 has been moved from the ancient royal palace area, after King Mindon had died inside it, which was taken as a bad omen. In 1880 the building was turned into a monastery, which hasn't changed until today. It is the only structure remaining from the ancient royal palace, as it has not been a target of the bombardments of the allies in World War II. It consists mostly of teak wood, is richly ornamented with carvings and hints at the grandeur of the ancient royal palace.

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